The owners of Beaver Bank Children’s Learning Centre, Cheryl Leadlay and Marina Johnson did not know one another prior to starting the business. “We were the only two people who came to view the space. Once we started talking about our ideas we knew we shared a similar vision for childcare in Beaver Bank.” Beaver Bank Children’s Learning Centre opened

it’s doors in September 2004 in the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre.

When they started they had six pre-school children and six school age children with Cheryl and Marina being the two educators. The biggest challenge faced was the Community Centre fire in 2009. This fire devastated 

the entire community and displaced so many groups and people. They were fortunate that their 95 Kinsac location was near completion and would be ready by February 2010. The outpouring of community support was overwhelming. Friends, educators, businesses and complete strangers arrived with donations of time, toys, books, furniture and wine when needed! Beaver Bank Kinsac Elementary gave space for our school group at the school. The management and staff at Ivy Meadows opened their hearts and gave up their lunchroom for them to continue their part day pre-school program. To this day the children and educators have enjoyed a close relationship with the staff and the wonderful people who live at Ivy Meadows. The children visit regularly with the educators taking them by bus on a weekly basis. This sadly will come to an end in November with the bus not having North Beaver Bank on it’s route.

Over the years they have grown to serve more than four hundred families. Currently they employ seventeen early childhood educators and one  

amazing cook! Cheryl and Marina attribute the longevity of Beaver Bank Children’s Learning Centre to the relationships they have built and maintain with the children and families in their care. In order for this to happen they believe that having long term, dedicated and loyal educators is fundamental.

Cheryl and Marina want to thank the community of Beaver Bank for their support and would be remiss if they did not send out a sincere thank you to the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre Board- past and present for their encouragement and support over the past fifteen years. They look forward to providing childcare for many years to come!